Indian army officer: tour of duty new commission

Indian army officer: tour of duty new commission

 Consideration is also being given to providing military training to Indian youth on the lines of China and Israel.

 Indian Army officer The Indian Army has dubbed the scheme 'Tour of Duty'.  But the Indian Army has made it clear that the training will not be compulsory for all young people but will be voluntary.


Indian army officer

 Under the 'Tour of Duty', the youth will have to serve in the Indian Army for three years.  There will be nine months of military training.  It will be the same as the other soldiers.  At the end of the training, they will be posted at army formation, camp or border.  It will be like an internship in the army.

 A proposal to enlist civilians in the army for three years is being considered by the Indian Army.  The proposal under consideration is called 'Tour of Duty'.

 The benefits of this proposal

 If the proposal is approved, it will be the first time that ordinary citizens of the country will have the opportunity to join the army and become an Indian army officer.  Apart from this, there will be no reduction in the selection criteria.  The approval of the proposal is expected to lead to a significant reduction in the cost of Indian Army salaries and pensions, and the proceeds will be used to modernize the army.  In the last few years, the Army's salary and pension bills have risen sharply, accounting for 0% of the budget allocation.  Has increased.  The purpose of 'Tour of Duty' is to provide 'internship / temporary experience' to the youth.  It will not require an attractive severance packages, resettlement courses, professional cash training leave, ex-serviceman status (ex-serviceman status) and ex-serviceman contributory health plan-ECSS, for the ‘Tour of Duty’ or any other officer rank.

 Comparison between 'Short Service Commission' and 'Tour of Duty':

 The Short Service Commission (SSC) is required to provide at least 10 years of service upon arrival of an Indian army officer in the Army, while the period for Indian Army officer officers and men on duty will be 3 years.  It is known from the analysis that the estimated cost for a ‘tour of duty’ Indian Army officer for a period of three years is pre-commission training, salary indian army salary, allowances, gratuity, proposed severance package, leave pay and other expenses.  12 crore while the combined cost of Indian Army officer officers of the Minor Service Commission (SSC) is Rs 6.83 crore.  The total cost of the short service commission has been further increased as, 60% of the officers of the lower service commission opt for the permanent commission of the Indian army officer and remain in the service for 54 years which later also gets the benefit of pension.  Similarly, an Indian army officer salary of Rs 80-85 lakh is expected for those selected by duty.

 Benefits of the offer: Indian army officer and jawan


Indian army officer uniform

  •  For those who do not want a full-time career as an Indian Army officer and soldier in the army but want a uniform, this scheme will give them a golden opportunity. 
  •  The selected Indian Army officer officer and jawan candidate in the 'Tour of Duty' will get a higher salary than his friends for starting a career in the corporate sector.  
  • Returning to the corporate sector after three years of service will earn them a relatively higher salary. 
  •  The Army expects to attract young people from the best colleges with Indian technology through the ‘Tour of Duty’. The proposal includes several steps to promote such a three-year tax-free scheme. 
  •  On completion of the three year term, income and Indian Army officer officers will be paid a lump sum of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 lakh and for other posts Rs 2-3 lakh. 
  •  The proposal states that across the country and beyond, the corporate world will be trained, disciplined, confident, hardworking and expected to benefit men and women.

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