Mahar Regiment {Indian Army}

Mahar Regiment Indian Army

Mahar mahari means maha + ari which means big enemy.  The history of the Mahars starts from ancient times.  In the Puranas, Shri Rama killed the moth and it is said that the mahars carried it.  It is still a legend that if we know the title of 52 rights, then the emperor named Amrit gave 52 powers to the Mahra tribe, forcing the king's wife to take his masculinity from the enemy.  But it was not implemented;

How many people know about the Mahar Regiment? 
This regiment, possibly the first regiment to cover all caste religions in India, broke the practice of using British Marshal Theory in India.  Mahar regiment has played a leading role in the regiment of the Mahar Regt.  She has managed to maintain her reputation on the battlefield as well as during peacetime.  Along with that, she has done incredible gallantry in UN missions outside India.

Historyof Mahar People's 
       The Mahar tribe worked during the Shivaji Maharaj's detention and guarding forts.  The stories of the brave people of the Mahar are still heard. The tribe is known for its valor, honesty and hard work.  The soldiers in the Mahar Regiment are bitter with body.  We are going to tell you about some of these features.  Begum of one king was abducted by another king.  So the young Amrut  lost his masculinity and brought her back with great pain.  At that time, the emperor has provided 52 claims.  Even in the battle of the rock, Siddanak performed valiantly on the battlefield.

Now about the performance of Mahar Paltan in the pre-independence era

The Mahar Regiment has served in other parts of East India.  But not by official name, the Mahar Regiment received such a clear recognition in World War I.  The British refused to allow the untouchables into the army.  The Mahra people introduced their sincerity and bravery in Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan.  But after being banned from the army, Gopal Baba Vangalkar, Namdar Gokhale, Subedar Ramji Ambedkar requested and applied to the British.  Nevertheless, the British entered World War I and then banned the British from using the policy of use and throw.  But after Babasaheb Ambedkar hit the British Defense Ministry, in 1942, 2 battalions of the Mahar Regiment were raised and training was given from Belgaum.  Over time, the regiment's training center was set up at Kamthi, then Sagar. It is still standing today.

The performance of the Mahar Regiment from independence till today
    The Mahar Regiment participated in many wars during the post-independence period, such as the 1947-48 India-Pakistan War, the Mahar Battalion also had an unprecedented share in the war of 1965,1971,1999.  For this regiment, 1 Param Vir Chakra, 4 Maha Vir Chakra, 32 Vir Chakra, 1 Ashok Chakra, 4 Kirti Chakra, 39 Shaurya Chakra, 1 Padam Shri, 9 PVSM, 3 UYSM, 16 AVSM, 4 Yudh Seva Medals, 49 Vishisht Seva.  Medals and 221 Sena Medals, 107 M-in-D, 2 Jeevan Raksha Padak etc. were honored with the award.

Battalion Structure:-
 21 Regular Battalions
3 Rashtriya Rifles
2 Territorial Army 
1 Ecoterritorial army
1 task Force

The brave hero given to the country

Naik Krishnaji Sonawane:

Krishnaji Sonawane was honored with Mahavir Chakra.  He is a native of Mahad and was awarded the Mahavirachakra for his valor in the war.

Anusuya Prasad:

Sep Anusuya Prasad was awarded nation’s second highest award for gallantry, Maha Vir Chakra for making the supreme sacrifice, and became the youngest recipient of the award.
Anusuya had just entered the battlefield shortly after being recruited.
Further information will be provided about the characteristics, mission, characteristic of such warriors.

       We do not know about the murder of Rajiv Gandhi.  I will write another post on what killed you too

 So what we saw Rajiv Gandhi mainly focusing on was the Naxalites and terrorists, and the Maharan Battalion which showed extraordinary bravery.  In it, operation litte was established in southern India and in Tamil the Tamil people formed an organization to fight bigotry.  Her name was litterable, with the help of Pakistan by the organization .The Sri Lankan government was helpless to eradicate it. The Indian Army of the Peace Corps participated in it.  But the Mahar Battalion played a key role.

Major Ramaswami parameshwaran:--

Statue at OTA Chennai
    The heroic warrior who gave pvc to Mahar Regiment.  He cleared the OTA exam and joined the 15th Mahar of the Indian Army.  He had taken part in the operation against the Naxalites.  But after the operation was started by the litte forces, he was promoted to the rank of Major in 8 Mahars.  He showed unparalleled bravery over the enemy abroad and led the army to victory.
   On 24 Nov 1987, 8 Mahar La Jaffna launched a search operation after receiving a tip-off that he was a terrorist.  At the same time they started firing at the team.  He was shot in the arm and chest but continued to fight.

Major P S Ganapati:

   Famously known as Tiger of Sargodha
  Major Ganapati was also part of the Shantisena.  He was also involved in the Sri Lanka operation.  Even after being shot by the militants in the search operation, they showed their bravery and annihilated the enemy.  For this he was awarded the MVC Medal.  He retired as a lieutenant colonel.

In this way, the Mahar Battalion has preserved its heroic history by showing its bravery and courage from time to time.

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